Being a private jeweler is an fantastic job which I take very seriously:  It requires the exactness of a world-class bespoke tailor, the discipline of a chef and the privacy of a therapist.  If I am creating a private collection for a savvy banker, young actor, or a public collection – the process is the same.    The creative process is first about understanding exactly what the customer wants.  Where does she want to go with her jewelry?  What events does she want to wear it to? It’s just so personal.  Each woman has her own dream, her own vision of beauty.  Jewelry making is a craft of the imagination. 

The next step is to pick the perfect materials.  I start with natural diamonds.  Sometimes from New York, sometimes from Antwerp; I travel to where I can find exactly what I need for the collection.  Then the metals:  white gold, rose gold, yellow – each color for a different face and different personality.  Clasps, chains, posts, are all parts of a puzzle.  I have to compose a complete picture.  We cast the gold, assemble the jewelry, set the diamonds and slowly see the evolution of the dream. 

Fitting a piece on the customer is the most important stage.   The moment of celebration.  It's that great feeling of completion and success.  

I especially want our jewelry to fit right, be comfortable and make you look fabulous and feel luscious.

If you want to meet with me or someone on our team you can set up an appointment with our Florida home office.  We also can meet you in New York City at the Diamond Dealers Club.  



Applied Jewelry Professional™  G.D.  G.I.A.


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